Newsfilter 2024Q2: Approved amendment to the VAT Act, false self-employment in Slovakia, use of a witness statement from other tax proceedings Download pdf
19. June
Taxand Global Conference, Malaga, 19-21 June 2024
24. April
Newsfilter 2024Q1: Do you know your business partner well enough not to lose input VAT deduction or VAT exemption? Amendment to Regional State Aid Act and… Download pdf
26. March
Newsfilter 2023Q4: Corporate income tax as from 01/01/2024, personal income tax as from 01/01/2024, other consolidation measures as from 01/01/2024 Download pdf
11. January
Advent Seminar: What tax changes did St. Nicholas bring us? Find out at our traditional year-end seminar, which you are welcome to attend. BMB Partners TAXAND…
28. November
Newsfilter 2023Q3: Draft Law on Top-Up Tax (Pillar Two), June Amendment to the ITA, Draft Amendment to the VAT Act Download pdf
10. October
October 2023, BMB Partners TAXAND also this year an important partner of this Regional IFA SR event, for details please click here: Download pdf
19. September
Newsfilter 2023Q2: New approach to leaseback, Tax Reliability Index published, changes to the court map and impact on tax proceedings Download pdf
29. June
Newsfilter 2023Q1: Planned transposition of the 2nd pillar to Slovak tax law, planned changes in active repentance for tax crimes and to the Commercial Code… Download pdf
03. April

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