13 May 2022 AFTERPARTY BRATISLAVA: We would like to invite you to the afterparty in Bratislava after the TAXAND Conference in Vienna. More details and… Download pdf
21. April
Newsfilter 2022Q1: Proposed changes to the ITA and to travel allowances, super deduction of investment costs, more efficient tax audits with a focus on… Download pdf
22. March
Newsfilter 2021Q4: Tax revolution in Slovakia, update on tax audits, digitisation of accounting, year-end revival of the First Aid etc. Download pdf
08. December
Taxparency® report: Who finances the state? Covid-19 survey among TOP 50 taxpayers. For more information see our report: Download pdf
09. November
Newsfilter 2021Q3: Interesting facts from tax audit statistics, changes affecting VAT-registered entities, tax reliability index, current First-Aid… Download pdf
06. October
TAXAND has prepared a comprehensive list of defensive tax measures applied in EU Member States towards tax havens. Download pdf
20. September
Newsfilter 2021Q2: New Measures in favour of Taxpayers, planned Introduction of E-invoices, changes to the Accounting Act, approval of Kurzarbeit, the Latest… Download pdf
06. July
Newsfilter 2021Q1: Smart Tax, Cross-border Home Office and its Tax and Social Security Aspects, approved First Aid PLUS PLUS and other news Download pdf
13. April
Newsfilter 2020Q4: Approved changes to the Income Tax Act, VAT Act, COVID-19 aid measures PLUS, transfer prices during the pandemic and other news Download pdf
18. December
We would like to invite you to the Advent webinar Changes in Tax Law from 01/01/2021, organized in cooperation with the Slovak-German Chamber of Commerce and… Download pdf
09. November

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